Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1st Monotangle

Along with Zen drawings, I have been trying my hand at tangling coloured square tiles with strings from Tangle Patterns. Zentangle for me is all about the state of mind I am in while tangling. Today, I decided to use the TanglePatterns String 002 on a 4.5 by 4.5 inch yellow tile.

This string divides the tile in 8 parts and provides an opportunity to use 8 different tangles in each section. I had initially decide to tangle in each of these sections that the strings form. I first tangled Crescent Moon in the smallest section of my tile. As I progressed through this section, I realised I wanted to use Crescent moon as the solo tangle for this tile. I also realised that filling up all sections with the tangle pattern may make it look clumsy. So in the end, I tangled 4 sections with Crescent moon and left the other 4 blank.

I love the final look of my tile. Hope you all like it too

Keep tangling and Connecting with us.

Tanglicious Connections 

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