Sunday, May 10, 2015

I am the diva.... Weekly challenge #216

I know it's late but I had to participate or at least try the star war challenge. So here's me presenting Yoda and a slightly plump C-3PO.

Thanks for the challenge :)



  1. Your challenge work is absolutely adorable and fun. Nice tangles on both Yoda and C-3PO. You did a great job on them and that quote is probably my favorite quote from Yoda. I really need to make a large picture of it and hang it in my craft area when I am feeling like I can't do something. It's something we could all live by. Nice work!

  2. Thank you so much... That is sooo encouraging.. I love the quote too and the challenge was just the thing to put everything together...
    Thanks :) :)

  3. I think I can see the fun you had in drawing this. It's very cute!

  4. Oh I had a lot of fun taking this project up. It's a challenge I have taken up after couple of months. Very interesting and enticing...

  5. Hi!! You were one of the lucky winners of my Growing in Unity week! Please send me your mailing address (You can email me at so Unity can get your prize out to you!!

    1. Oh wow.. super excited & happy..Have emailed you. Thank you so much for choosing me :) Hope Unity ships to India :)

  6. This is so awesome! My son loves Star Wars, it is everywhere at my house hehehe!