Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day - Valentangle

Hi friends,

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. :) :)

With all our love, both of us (Roshni & Neha) have made several Tanglicious Gifts for our respective husbands. These are also our entry to I am The Diva Challenge #204 .

Lets start with some beating heart by Roshni :)

Even though thats how heart looks like, Roshni thought she better tangle some beautiful hearts too :) :) 

We women are very romantic and love to boldly express our love for our better half. So we had developed some beautiful "Templates for Love & I Love You". So here are Neha's version of Tangled Love & I Love You.

If you like our templates, you can find the links to download them here.

Neha has also done 2 more tangles for her husband, one with their names and another one with their initials.

We hope you like our work as much as our husband's loved them :) 

A special note: We are posting almost after week but that doesnt mean we have gone off our mission 365, its just that its got difficult to post every day. So we have decided to post once or twice every week.

Keep Tangling & Connecting With Us.

Tanglicious Connections 

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