Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flying Kites

Hi All,

The best part about living in India is that we are a multicultural country with many festivals.

On 14th January we celebrate a festival called Makar-Sankranti (North & West India), Pongal (South India) & Lodhi (Punjab). Apart from all other rituals, this day is celebrated as kite flying day in India. Everyone from big to small spend the entire day flying kites and bonding with each. 

I decided to tangle a kite today and combined it with the week 2 challenge of That's New To Me Challenge by Suzanne Moshier, which is to learn a new tangle starting from alphabet "C". 

I have used a total of 6 tangles starting from "C" in my ZIA. Off these, I knew Chard already, so I learnt 5 new tangles starting from C: CarrĂ©sC-BunCheckered ZagConfettus & Classe

For this festival, we all apply henna. Though I am not a henna artist at all, I tried some tangles on my hand. I used Twizted & a terrible attempt at Zinger.

Hope you love our tangles.

Keep Tangling & Connecting With Us.

Tanglicious Connections 


  1. Oh my gosh! was it hard to use the henna cone? I love your C-kite, too! Good job

    1. Hi Heidi, Thanks for the appreciation. Means a lot. As I am not used to henna cone, was a little difficult but not very hard.

  2. Your kite is beautiful and the colors are wonderful! Nice choice of tangles.