Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tangling with Crayon Etching

Its great fun to live with family who share your passion of art & craft as they keenly get involved in various projects you undertake. My sis-in-law is pursuing a course in Early Childhood Care Education. As a part of her course, she had to create a sample of crayon etching. As she was wondering what she should do for the project, I suggested her to tangle on her crayon etching sample.  Here is the beautiful tanglicious crayon etching that she made for her project.

White paper
Wax Crayon
Toothpick or an etching tool


Colour the paper with various bright colours using wax crayons

After the 1st layer of colours is applied, coat the entire picture with black wax crayon

Once the entire picture is covered with black crayon, etch various tangle patterns using a toothpick or an etching tool

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